Independence Day Prime Member Get 30 Rupees Cashback Offer On Add Money 100 or More

Independence Day Prime Member Get 30 Rupees Cashback Offer On Add Money 100 or More
Independence Day Prime Member Get 30 Rupees Cashback Offer On Add Money 100 or More

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This 15th of August, celebrate Independence Day with exciting offers from Cubber.

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India’s Struggle for freedom

The British had gradually ruled all over India by the start of the 20th Century. They had exploited India’s resources and taken all the money from India to Britain. There were continuous struggles to ensure freedom for India, but none could bear fruit. Eventually the Quit India movement initiated by the Congress in 1942, was put in force, which successfully encouraged the British to finally give us independence on the 15th of August, 1947.

In the total of 190 years of British rule, there were many uprisings, mutinies and movements, their goal was to rid India of the British, many of them failed but most will be remembered for their efforts to bring Indian nationalism to the fore in the minds of the people. After World War II Britain was drained financially and could no longer afford to administrate India, especially in the backdrop of an increasingly restless population.

Eventually on the third of June 1947, Viceroy Louis Mountbatten announced that British India was to be partitioned into two separate states of India and Pakistan. On the 15th of August 1947, both India and Pakistan declared its independence from Great Britain.

Ever since, the 15th of August has been an important date in the Indian calendar year. All across the country in schools, colleges, Government institutions and offices there are flag hoisting ceremonies followed by singing of the national anthem and speeches by local leaders. The main flag hoisting ceremony is celebrated at the Red Fort in Delhi, where the Prime Minister makes a speech in the august presence of other cabinet ministers. This platform is used by the Prime Minister to launch newer schemes and also to reinforce the progress of current schemes- Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been instrumental in launching and taking note of the current schemes in progress like Make in India, Digital India and Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan.

2017 marks the seventy-first year since independence. India has achieved a lot since then, with the economic liberalization in the 1990s being a catapult to rapid economic growth. India now contributes about 1% of the total global trade, with our economy being worth $2trillion. Many large MNCs have set up shop here and have large Research and Development facilities in India. We have building a reputation for ourselves in the automotive and IT industry with its exports being the chief exports from India. This Independence day celebrate nationalism with pride, joy and an oath to bring glory and pride to our country.

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