How to Online Shopping Stores Cashback Reward System Works

How to Online Shopping Stores Cashback Reward System Works On
How to Online Shopping Stores Cashback Reward System Works On

How to online shopping stores cashback rewards system works and how to get extra cashback through Radhika goes through the collection of shoes at a glitzy South Delhi mall. She zeros in on a pair of heels after going through the large collection.” I purchase only those products which I believe in.” She says.” I always try to find out the best deals before buying anything new.”  Radhika’s thinking reflects the mood of millions of shoppers who always look for the best offer or discount before making a purchase.

India is a retail market few can ignore. We have a burgeoning middle class that is almost the size of the entire population of Europe. With malls springing up in every city and ecommerce portals vying for the customers attention, the customer is not only king, but in most cases is considered God. Sometimes, the customer has so many options available to him/her that he/she gets confused with the varieties available.

Cubber has come to help in such a situation. All you need to do is choose the product that you intend to purchase online and Cubber will give you a cashback on that purchase, even if the product is at a discounted rate or clubbed with an offer.

What is Cubber and how is this possible?

Cubber is an online payments platform which also lets its users earn on the side. You can recharge your mobile/DTH, pay your utility bills, book intercity bus tickets and shop online through the Cubber app.

Cubber has partnerships with all the leading ecommerce portals which allow it to give cashbacks for almost all transactions that you do on those websites while being redirected from Cubber.

It works like this-

  • You first download, install and register on Cubber
  • Once you are logged in, you can choose the ‘shop online’ tab from the menu
  • Choose from the categories through which you want to do a purchase.
  • Choose the offer through which you want to purchase
  • Cubber will redirect you to the respective portal
  • Pay online or through COD as required
  • Your cashback will be credited to your Cubber wallet within the stipulated time

Note- Only those Cubber users who are ‘Prime members’ are eligible for the cashback. To become a Prime member, you need to refer the app to atleast 2 people who will download and register on the app.  More details for this are provided on the App.

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