Free Joining Dhamaka Offer On Cubber App Social Economy Platform

Free Joining Dhamaka Offer On Cubber App Social Economy Platform
Free Joining Dhamaka Offer On Cubber App Social Economy Platform

Introducing Free Joining Dhamaka Offer on cubber app social economy platform. You can refer, shop and earning commission cashback on wallet, recharge, bill pay, DTH recharge, ticket booking etc..

This month (September) we are launching a new offer where we are waiving off the requirement for having to pay joining fees. As a result, you will not get referral bonus, but you will get cashback for every transaction that your referrals do via Cubber.

Download, Install and Register the Cubber App Now!

Download Android App:

Download iPhone App:

Use Coupon Code: GANESHA

Shop and Earn: @

Call / Whats App: (+91) 99099 18080

Offer: Valid Only Limited Period & Offer Start On 01 September 2017.

Offer Usage Term & Condition

  • Valid from a limited period only
  • Use code “GANESHA” to get free joining to Cubber
  • This offer is valid for everyone who wishes to use Cubber
  • The Offer is redeemable only ONCE per user per device during the offer period.
  • Cubber has the right to modify, change or end the offer as and when it requires without prior notice.
  • By using this offer, the person who referred you does not get any referral bonus. However all other cashbacks will remain as they are.

Our Mobile Phones Today

Over 150 million (and counting) people use a smartphone, about two-thirds of them being less than 25 years old. These youngsters spend about 2 hours a day chatting with their friends, viewing statuses on social media, browsing the internet and making calls. The advancement in technology has ensured that smartphones can do a lot of functions that was earlier done manually, like paying utility bills, shopping online, buying tickets or recharging your phone. Generally there were different apps for each of these functions, but now we have Cubber, India’s premier online payments app to act as a single app to perform all these functions. Cubber can perform a variety of functions and can also be a way to earn money on the side.

Understanding Cubber App WITH Video:

To know more about Cubber and how it works, please watch the YouTube video for it and you will realize how much you have missed.

Cubber Today

Cubber has seen phenomenal success. We currently have about 1.5 lakh people using the app and this number is growing day by day. These people are using the app to recharge their mobile phones, pay their utility bills, shop online and book bus tickets. While doing these transactions many of the users as well as the people who referred the app to them get cashbacks in their Cubber wallet, helping them to earn on the side.

Currently, we process thousands of transactions per day, the value of which keeps fluctuating day by day. We do have a nationwide presence, but we want to scale up immensely to be India’s number one online payments platform. We understand that achieving this goal will not be easy, that is why we are depending on you to spread the word.

Shop and Earning Cashback Offer: 

Now get extra cashback whenever you shop on your favourite E-commerce websites. Shop through Cubber and get additional cashback in your Cubber wallet. This can be over and above the offers and discounts offered by these websites. For more info, visit:

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