Daily Cashback Offers for Lucky Winner Shoppers On Cubber

We always secretly hope that we can get lucky financially some day. At Cubber, we are helping some of you achieve this hope. Cubber is offering 5 lucky winners Rs.50 rewards in their cubber wallets on successful placement and confirmation of orders done online via Shop.Cubber.in. At Cubber, we want people to know that we care for you, that we also wish that you can earn through referrals. Want to win? Shop online through shop.cubber.in and you may have a chance to win a significant amount of cashback for further use.

About the offer

  • Every day, 5 lucky winners will be selected at random and will get extra cashback/rewards in their Cubber wallet

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a limited period offer.
  • This offer is only available for Prime Members
  • Lucky winners will be declared on 12:00 PM on every day based on last date shopping orders
  • This offer is limited to Cubber members
  • If winner will cancel order from shopping partner then he/she is not liable to get prize for this offer
  • No claims will be entertained for this offer
  • In case the management of Cubber feels that there are any sham orders or orders which have been placed with wrong intentions, these orders will not be taken into consideration for this offer
  • This offer is from the Cubber management and only Cubber has the sole discretion to give cashback
  • The total amount of cashback/rewards may change or the offer can be discontinued at any time without prior notice
  • The decision for winners will lie with the management at Cubber and it will be final and binding
  • The winner cashback/rewards will be given when the order will be approved after 60 days from the date the order is placed.
  • Other standard terms and conditions of Cubber also applies to this offer
  • For any queries please feel free to contact care@cubber.in or call us at 9909918080

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