Cubber Merchant Make Way for an Extra Source of Income

Cubber Merchant Make Way for an Extra Source of Income

Who doesn’t like extra income? Source of income is from where your money comes from. Sources can be from anywhere such as employment, investment or may be welfare. Anyone can get rid of some of financial stress by earning extra income, even if you have a full-time job. Passive income is an option for more income. You can invest in different property and company to get commission and dividend, sale of investments, sell or license product for royalty purpose, start real estate business for rental Income. Try to Diversify income (Creating Multiple Income Streams) reduces the risk of losing income. You can also start blogging as a source of income.

One of them is Cubber merchant app/website. Cubber store is a really good method for passive income, Distributors/Retailers don’t have to work on the app 24*7, and they can start the business as extra source of income. This way they can get additional money for their lifestyle. In a job you have to stay for hours which are decided by owners but here the time and opportunities are flexible. Also if Distributor gets some retailers under chain, in future without any struggle, they can get high margin commission ratio.

This is a simple way to obtain income. Distributors/Retailers can work from anywhere in India and its does not need any maintenance. And also commission/cashback will be automatically credited to Distributors Cubber merchant wallet whenever a retailer from hierarchy will do any transaction of payment. Distributors/Retailers can start their small business on Cubber merchant app without any investment. Just register and start working in your safe place, whether it’s an office or a house. Place doesn’t matter, Distributors/Retailers can work anytime, anywhere.

As a passive income Cubber gives different benefits to the Distributors/Retailers like,

  • Here on Cubber merchant app, you have no competition like offices, just give your best shot.
  • The Cubber is more flexible because you don’t have to give regular office time, you can do payments 24*7 whenever you have time.
  • As said above Cubber can be used as a passive income source you will have extra money at your retirement.
  • If you have any money emergency then you want have to look for money, Cubber store will be like a cushion for emergency.
  • It is reliable and secure, meaning no one can fire you from Cubber store like jobs.
  • You don’t have to invest in Cubber store, just register in app and add money in a wallet. You are ready to pay the bills and get commission.
  • You don’t have to achieve goals like active income jobs

Registration is easy on Cubber store. It’s a merchant app where retailers and distributors can start their business with some valid information. Just write basic details like Name, Mobile no, Mail ID and its password, Business name, Adharcard detail, type of merchant as in retailers or distributors. And you are ready to pay your customers bill and get commission on every transaction.

After registering retailers/distributors can pay all bills like,

  • Mobile recharge
  • DTH bills
  • Electricity bills
  • Gas bills
  • Landline bills
  • Broadband bills
  • Datacard bills
  • Water bills
  • Insurance premium

Moreover they provide booking service of Bus, Event, Flight and Amusement parks too. Distributors/Retailers can transfer money from wallet to wallet. They can add money in there Cubber wallet to do payments.

Download, Install and Register on the Cubber Store App Now! Add Money and Earn Cashback

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