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Buy PM Narendra Modi Exam Warriors Book Online at Low Prices : Flipkart Upto 10% Off + Upto 8% Rewards Frm Cubber

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his Book Exam Warriors that deals with examination anxiety disorder might be simply another fast guide for college students to require it straightforward throughout examination time. Evaluating the book sans the ‘Prime Minister preaches’ half, it’s a 15-minute flip-through effort that walks a student through the trail to preparation. The recommendation is nothing completely different from what a student would get from a parent or a teacher to not stress, sleep well, and eat well, exercise and to organize and set up well. The folder even begins well, with the primary recommendation of celebrating exams a bit like a festival Associate in Nursing annual event that involves a lot of coming up with, discussion and preparation. And telling students that a bit like a competition, they’re not alone, however joined by their mates across the country in taking exams. As for the book itself, the publishers have done a decent job of supplementing it with a simple font and engaging layout peppered with footage, diagrams and activities, like one to sketch a daily routine.

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Exam Warriors is a collection of Prime Ministers Narendra Modi address to students highlight on dealing pressure during exams in his monthly radio schedule programmed. Shri Narendra Modi takes wide pleasure in reading & writing and is the sought leaders on social platforms. Today online offers on Flipkart up to 10% Off:

Specifications Of Narendra Modi Book Exam Warriors:

Authored By:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Publication Year2018

Publisher NamePenguin India

No. Of Pages : 208

Weight500 gm



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But the persona of the PM can’t be unnoticed, and therefore the book makes no effort to try and do that, what with it being Associate in nursing extension of the Mann Ki Baat radio programmer that’s broadcast across all channels. Many bits of recommendation return laced with Modi’s own experiences of “victory in adverse situations”, as well as elections. Page once page is dedicated to varied yoga asana, complete with diagrams. In the end, simply to create positive everybody gets it that it’s the prime minister WHO is distributing the recommendation, separate letters are self-addressed to oldsters and lecturers.

We all realize the youth vote bank and therefore the at hand Lok Sabha elections, therefore comparison the folder to Associate in Nursing election pamphlet isn’t troublesome. Only, this one is nearly two hundred pages long!

The thought of examinations typically leave students underneath stress. Not solely students, the pressure of grading smart marks additionally takes a toll on oldsters and lecturers. to assist them address the trials, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday offered ’25 mantras’ to the scholars as he urged them to treat examinations as “a festival” and “celebrate it”.

“This book is for all students WHO are showing for examinations. They’re the ‘Exam warriors‘ brave children collaborating within the competition of exams. The book drives home the vital purpose that once it involves examinations, there’s no got to worry to a fault or read it as a life scenario, PM Modi is quoted within the book titled examination Warriors.

Published by sphenisciform seabird Random House, the Prime Minister’s book advises students to remain calm and centered throughout the examination amount. The mantras highlight the requirement to treat exams like festivals, the importance of technology and therefore the quality of sleep needed to beat the strain. The 193-page book is written in an exceedingly fun, interactive manner with vibrant illustration, activities, and yoga exercises and additionally contains a letter from the prime minister to the lecturers and oldsters.

Exam Warriors Pm Modi Book

‘Exam warriors’ is additionally offered in an exceedingly digital format through the Narendra Modi Mobile App.

Each chapter has Associate in nursing activity at the tip. for instance – a chapter known as “Discover Yourself” that aims to encourage students to expertise all that life needs to supply to settle on a career path, has Associate in Nursing activity that urges them to explain their experiences and recommend volunteering organizations.

Exam warriors is additionally offered in an exceedingly digital format through the Narendra Modi Mobile App. there’s additionally Associate in Nursing examination somebody community page that may change students to share his achievements with friends, family and students.

The book launch by Union Ministers Sushma Swaraj and Prakash Javadekar additionally has lighter moments. whereas reading out excerpts from the book, Ms Swaraj on quite one occasion over up reading the word “examination” as “election”. Not simply the audience, however the External Affairs Minister herself barrels her head in disbelief and laughed out speech communication, “Oh, I meant examination, not election”. She additionally stressed that student shouldn’t stress and should gift their work showing neatness,

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